Lauren Myracle: SUM GR8 ADVCE…


Sorry, I can’t do it. While I don’t particularly agree with Lauren Myracle’s style of writing, the author of L8r, g8r offers some sound advice on Banned Books Week:

If you want to join the conversation do this: read one of the titles on the current list of most frequently-challenged books. Then pass the book along to someone else, whether that someone is an adult or a kid. Then, together, talk about the book openly and with mutual respect for each other’s opinions. Do that, and you will have made the world a better place.

So, to wrap up Banned Books Week this year, I take up this challenge! I should probably get stuck into Myracles ttyl, ttfn, L8r g8r series, (the number one most challenged book) but I don’t even know what “ttyl” and “ttfn” even means in text-speak. So I’m bypassing that.

And since I’ve read the classics on the list already, The Color Purple and To Kill A Mockingbird (have no idea why they’re on it!), I’ve decided to choose something that I wouldnt normally read: Jodi Picoult, My Sisters Keeper, and childrens’ book And Tango Makes Three.

Look out for the reveiws and discussions coming soon. Get involved!

Find the list here.


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