Nobel Prize for Literature 2010: And the winner is…

Mario Vargas Llosa.

Well, I was half-hoping it would be Philip Roth or Haruki Murakami or someone that I could at least say something remotely insightful about. But I haven’t read or heard of Mario Vargas Llosa.

Mario Vargas Llosa by Daniel Devoti

The Latin American, one-time presidential candidate and self-confessed liberalist was chosen for his:

cartography of structures of power and his trenchant images of the individual resistance, revolt and defeat.

So that clears that up.

According to The Guardian, Mario Vargas Llosa’s top 5 essential novels are:

  1. The Time of the Hero (1963)
  2. Aunt Julia and the Script Writer (1977)
  3. The War and the End of the World (1981)
  4. The Feast of the Goat (2000)
  5. The Bad Girl (2006)

Despite, having a growing pile of books to read, I will make it my mission to read one of the above… at least before next years’ prize winner is announced.

So has anyone read much of Mario Vargas Llosa, and would you recommend his work? Or, should someone else have won?


4 thoughts on “Nobel Prize for Literature 2010: And the winner is…

  1. I ve just start bad girl ,have read aunt julia also end of the world but both over ten yeaers ago so ,pleased I had already had a copy of bad girl to start straight away ,I d recomend aunt julia it is a tour de force and catches the latin american spirit so well ,all the best stu

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