Bags get a literary revamp!

It seems our beloved books have gone all red carpet on us. Jaclyn Noelle over at Bookysh brought these to my attention in one of her recent blog posts.

Designed by new French designer Olympia Le-Tan, twelve magnificent book clutches were available to buy online from 10th December, priced at a whopping 1087 Euros (£925 / $1424). Although most of the book clutches have now sold out, some designs are still available to order! See all twelve designs at the Olympia Le-Tan website.

The clutches have a brass frame covered with an embroidered canvas book cover design, and it that’s not enough, each clutch is lined with a Liberty printed fabric. Hollywood stars including Natalie Portman and Clémence Poésy have been snapped posing with these literary accessories  on the red carpet at the Black Swan and Harry Potter movie premiere’s. Books have hit the big time: they’re fashionable.

Would you wear one of these?


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