Birthday bestsellers!

So yesterday was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! Anyway, I came across a website a few weeks ago that I though was quite cool (using the term cool rather lightly of course), and I thought I’d save it for a birthday-related post before revealing it to you.

So, ta-da! allows you to generate a list of New York Times bestsellers on the day that you were born (see… cool). So, here is my list:

NYT best sellers for the week ending 24/01/1988:
1. The Bonfire of Vanities – Tom Woolfe
2. The Tommyknockers – Stephen King
2. Kaleidoscope – Danielle Steel
4. Presumed Innocent – Scott Turow
5. 2061: Odessey Three – Arthur C. Clarke
6. Patriot Games – Tom Clancy
7. Winters’ Tales – Jonaton Winters
8. Leaving Home – Garrison Keillor
9. Beloved – Toni Morrison
10. Winter – Len Deighton

Tommyknockers?! Hmm, interesting. I’m not really a fan of Stephen King, or Danielle Steel for that matter (though I remember my mum being a bit of a Steel fan). I LOVE that Beloved is up there, it’s a brilliant book and a seminal piece of American fiction. As for the rest of the list? I’m not especially familiar with the other works listed (perhaps with the exception of Patriot Games …a Harrison Ford movie if I’m not mistaken).

But, in an effort to make some use of this list, I will be adding The Bonfire of Vanities by Tom Woolfe to my TBR list for 2011. Has anyone read this? And what was the number one bestseller on your birthday? Find out here.


4 thoughts on “Birthday bestsellers!

  1. First Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoyed the day and that the this year is joyful and rather interesting.
    About Bonfire of the Vanities. Its a pretty good read, I think it will be a little dated, given recent world events and such. But it will give you a rather good idea of the excesses enjoyed during the 80s. Some of the characters and situations seemed a little over-wrought. All in all, I enjoyed it, but I generally like Tom Wolfe.

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