Save Our Libraries Day: 5th February 2011

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Libraries set people free. They’re not a luxury. They’re not a relic. We must fight to save them

Hari Kunzru

As part of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’, spending cuts will result in public library closures across the UK, eroding our cultural foundation and affecting readers everywhere. Cameron, books for all, not just the wealthy please!

I am not going to sit here and bang on about the importance of public libraries. It’s pretty straight forward: reading matters and libraries matter. I’m certain that the majority of people reading this post will have visited a public library at some point in their lives. As a child, I know I was encouraged to borrow and read books from my local library (and then harangued by my parents to return them before the overdue fees started piling up).  I’m CONFIDENT that my interest in reading would not have been able to flourish without those four-weekly library trips with my dad.

This Saturday, 5th February is Save Our Libraries Day. It is imperative that anyone with a fond memory of their local public library gets behind this campaign… Find out more about how you can get involved:

Or, simply use your imagination and do something different. With the help of Michael Eavis, Maggie Gee, Kate Mosse and Big Issue founder John Bird, local residents in Somerset and the national Save Our Libraries campaign teamed up to produce this inspired short film:

Also, check out these adapted World War One campaign posters designed by Phil Bradley in Flickr:


3 thoughts on “Save Our Libraries Day: 5th February 2011

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this post, I didn’t know this day existed. Oddly enough, I’m on my way to the library next, and I’ll ask what our community is doing for Save our Libraries Day! Best of luck on your library endeavors!

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