My Penguin: You Do the Covers

Like This!

A while back, I blogged about Penguin’s irresistible Art-Deco inspired books, released to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s death. Knowing me all to well, my mates recently bought me the full collection for my birthday. Lucky girl.

Now, many of you might be now beginning to wonder whether I work for Penguin at the rate I bang about their ‘special’ editions. Unfortunately, I don’t, but here I go again. By a matter of coincidence I came across Penguin’s ‘naked’ books series, My Penguin (I’ve never seen these before, so it’s probable that they’ve been around for a while!). These inspired editions have blank front covers, enabling you to unleash the creative-side of your brain as you design your very own.

My Penguin books

Penguin have very cleverly marketed these as uber-cool by having Razorlight, Beck, Goldspot, Dragonette, Ryan Adams, Johnny Flynn and Mr. Hudson & The Library chose “the Penguin Classic they most wanted to see NAKED” and design a cover for it (see them here!). The strap line? “We print the words. You do the covers.” Ingenious.

Priced at a mere £5 – these ‘naked’ Penguins make for a memorable and unique gift. Thirteen amazing titles are available from Magic Tales by Brothers Grimm and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, to Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky and Virginia Woolf’s The Waves.

There is also a gallery of reader submissions which is well worth browsing (even if it is just to steal some wonderful ideas!).


9 thoughts on “My Penguin: You Do the Covers

  1. Such an Amazing idea! and love some the submissions. unfortunately, non of my Classical favorites are on this series. On of Salinger’s would have been perfect here on this list.

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  3. Wow, coolest idea ever and probably a mass money maker for the publishing business. Likely less printing cost, yet very marketable. I love the examples and will tell all my bookish/artsy friends about them…in hopes they design a cover for me! lol.

  4. I’ve just had a look at the ‘celebrities’ covers. Do you think that they all take themselves a little too seriously? i’m not a fan of their self serving arrogant artwork, but I love the idea of doing one myself :) mine would probably just be some pretty squiggles or flowers or something. These ‘celebrities’ probably would call me vacuous, but hey ho. Well done Penguin.

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