Penguins Mini Modern Classics: I won!

Penguin Mini Modern Classic

There’s been a whole lot of hype and Twitter chat recently surrounding Penguin’s Mini Modern Classics, which celebrate 50 years of Penguin Modern Classics (congratulations, Penguin). The 50 mini books feature mini stories from some of the most famous authors of the past 100-and-odd years including, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Frank Kafka, Kinsley Amis and Angela Carter.

So today, while obsessing over my pretty awful-looking bank balance, I thought I’d treat myself to a couple, I mean, they’re only 3 pounds each! While I deliberated over which two to buy (I tell you, it’s not an easy choice!), I noticed that the ladies over at For Books’ Sake were running a competition to win 10 of the 50 books! So I got envolved.

Penguin Mini Modern Classic boxsetFirst of all, I never win anything, I mean never. I’m just one of those unlucky types. But, it looks as though today was my lucky day after all! Now I don’t need to decide which two of the collection to buy, I’ve got ten to read! (10 ‘mini’ reviews coming soon folks!)

A big thanks to those at For Books’ Sake (@forbookssake)! Make sure you check out their website, it features books by and for independent women; they review classic and modern books across both fiction and non-fiction. It’s a fab site, and one that I only recently discovered (and thank goodness I did!).


15 thoughts on “Penguins Mini Modern Classics: I won!

  1. So jealous!! Do you remember Penguin Celebrations in 2008? I only have three of them but wish I could afford to go nuts and collect the whole set at used bookstores. Congratulations!

  2. Somehow I missed that competition, though I read their blog. What a shame – and congratulations to you. I have some of the Penguin 60s special edition short stories and I’m looking forward to getting some of these, too.

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  4. How lucky you were to win these treasures; hope you enjoy them all.

    (Your blog is new today. I feel lucky to have discovered it this morning.)

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