Penguin Threads designed by Jillian Tamaki

Now before I begin, these beautiful Penguin Thread editions are not due to be released until October 2011 (I know, I can’t wait that long either!).

Illustrator and cartoonist Jillian Tamaki was commissioned by Penguin to design three embroidered covers for the following Penguin Classic Deluxe titles: Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty, Frances Hodgsen Burnett’s The Secret Garden and Jane Austen’s Emma.

On her Sketchblog, Jillian sounds just as excited about this project as the rest of us are:

Penguin Classics! What a dream project. When I first did my Monster Quilt, I said I wouldn’t take commissions in embroidery… unless Penguin called me for a Penguin Classics cover. Sometimes you get what you wish for (times three).

Now. Take a deep breath… et voila!

jillian tamaki

Theres more!!

Black Beauty Penguin Threads

It’s too difficult to choose a favourite, they’re all stunning! However, The Secret Garden is one of my favourite childhood books. I remember when I first read it, I had to re-read the first page a million times just to understand the narrative. Since I’m guessing that these editions will be a tad pricier than your typical hardback, I’ll be saving up my pennies for this one!

Visit Jillians Sketchblog for more information, and view her illustration portfolio on her website.

Do you have a favourite?


9 thoughts on “Penguin Threads designed by Jillian Tamaki

  1. I think my favorite is “Black Beauty”…but you’re right, it’s hard to choose just one. I love so many of the Penguin editions, it’s gonna be hard to resist buying these even though I already own other editions of the books.

  2. Gorgeous! You find the coolest things, and great gift ideas! I think I’m with you as I loved reading The Secret Garden when I was little. I want her to do Little Women too, I bet that would also be gorgeous.

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  4. Aaah, they’re all so pretty, but The Secret Garden is my favorite. I read it when I was in elementary school, and now remember nothing about it. It’s definitely time for a reread. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. The Secret Garden is full of magic and wonder, I’ve loved it since my third grade teacher read a few pages to us every afternoon after second recess. Two books I love but haven’t read in awhile, I get way too emotionally involved, are Black Beauty and The Giving Tree. Finally, I love the people populating the story of Emma. So, basically all three books are on my favorites list. Thank you for sharing. Belle

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