The day Little Interpretations fell off the face of the earth…

 I whined a couple of posts ago that my new job was keeping my insanely busy – and so I’d neglected my blog. Understatement of the year.

I logged into Little Interpretations today to publish my new post, a review of Review: Bukowski’s Post Office, only to find that no-one had actually viewed my blog in over two weeks. Nothing. ZILCH. Zero. Cue to panic.

And then I remembered. I mean, talk about neglect. I forgot to renew my domain with GoDaddy at the end of February. And yes, they did send me countless reminder emails. So after a couple of hours spent trying to wriggle out of paying $93 to retrieve my original domain, I decided it would be best (for my bank balance) to move to a new domain altogether.

Yes – is now (see updates below for an… update). It’s not as punchy or hip, and i feel like I’ve lost a wee bit of my soul. But it’s what I deserve.

It’s now 12.30am. I have a virus and a damn sore head. But Little Interpretations is up and running and that’s all that matters. PHEW. I look forward to blogging with you all soon.

Goodnight Little Interpreters…


UPDATE – 8th March 2012: The very helpful folk at GoDaddy have kindly offered to waive the $80 of the fee for me. Watch this space.

UPDATE – 9th March 2012: thanks to GoDaddy, is now back up and runnin. I could not be happier. Promise, promise, promise to never let it lapse.



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