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Welcome to Little Interpretations, a blog that aims to incite conversation and offer little interpretations of literature, and some other stuff, but mostly literature.My name is Marie and I live out my life in Glasgow, Scotland. I’m a 23-year old English Literature graduate and I’ve been reading ever since my scary primary school teacher, Mrs McNally, started giving me fifty pence each time I finished a book. Today, I’m an Assistant Editor turned copywriter.

Interpretation is in the eye of the beholder, right?


21 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the comment :-)
    I love Jane Eyre, but you HAVE to read Wide Sargasso Sea, it’s goes with it perfectly and tells Bertha’s side of the story brilliantly. Really short as well so it’s kinda effortless.

  2. I Love “The Yellow Wallpaper”. I always enjoy teaching it after I spend a week teaching a few of Poe’s stories and the poem “The Raven”. When we finish it, we discuss whether we think this story is or could be considered a psychological thriller and how it compares and contrasts to Poe’s stories of the supernatural. They love this story, and find great pity in the character and empathize with her all the way through. They always talk about post-partum depression and get upset with the husband that he is so cold with her. I just read Jane Eyre this summer for the first time. Great book. Have you read Faulkner’s “A Rose For Emily”? That’s a good story as well. Great blog site, by the way. I”m adding this to my favorites.

    • Thank-you. I’ve never thought of reading it alongside Poe, that’s really interesting! I think the story is only 70-odd pages long, but it’s amazing how much there is to say/write about it!

      I love Jane Eyre, if you haven’t read Wide Sargasso Sea, do, it’s a sort of prequel to Jane Eyre and it’s brilliant. I haven’t read A Rose for Emily, but As I Lay Dying is my absolute favourite book. I’ve been trying to read Absolm, Absolm, but without success so far – so I’ll definitely look into that story!

  3. Love your Gatsby “Heads Up!” on the film. DiCaprio-Mmmm. He’ll be good. Nice to look at. Your blog has a beautiful look. Where did you go to school? I live 90 miles south of New York City, and Fitgeralds’ book is set up there, if I recall correctly. The Hamptons reminded me of the place Gatsby lived, looking across the water at Daisy’s house…Now you say somone will attempt Keroac’s “On the Road”? I wonder how you capture that? The activity of going back and forth, back and forth again across the country is not the real action-it is undefinable to me what makes it a great read. But I will seek it out! I have Big Sur, also. And Dharma Bums. Funny, Jack went between San Francisco/Monterey and North Jersey/New York alot, and lived in Washington State one summer- all places I’ve lived! I feel connected. But never went to New Mexico. I like the photo placement and quick reviews you post- very easy to follow!- Silky (autismrox.wordpress)

    • I actually live in Scotland in the UK, and it’s quite funny because now you mention it, I’ve always had trouble imaging the landscape of The Great Gatsby, perhaps that’s the problem…

      I love American fiction though, and I believe that On The Road will be almost impossible to capture. It’s a captivating book, but I also found it a tough read! I have Big Sur too, but have never actually got round to reading it…


  4. In an effort to change my reading habits, I’m on a ‘journey’ to embrace popular contemporary fiction…

    How intriguing! Most blogs I visit are about the opposite! You might like The English Major’s Junkfood, if you’re not already a reader there. She (Ash) has a similar plan.

    Good to meet you. :-)

  5. Can I just have your life? Seriously, working in the Editorial department of a publishing house is my dream. Plus you live across the pond, and to me that’s always a bonus. Good luck with everything! Great book list. :)

  6. really enjoying the blog- have just read your Old Man and The Sea review-it’s long bene one of my favourite books, and rewards with every repeate viewing. will be sure to check in for latest reviews.

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