To be read

The Handmaid’s tale – Margaret Atwood

East of Eden – John Steinbeck

The Golden Notebook – Doris Lessing

Tess d’Ubervilles – Thomas Hardy

The Bonfire of the Vanities – Tom WoolfeBornfire of the Vanities

The Corrections – Jonathan FranzenThe Corrections

Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

Recommendations? Advice? (good, bad or otherwise!)


9 thoughts on “TBR

  1. I’m reading Eat Pray Love right now and I’m in the third and final part. It’s definitely a fun read, something to take your mind off work and studies. It’s not literary genius and the woman definitely needs to pick a religion, but it’s definitely entertaining :)
    ps: Cool blog!

  2. Judging by your favourites list, I think you might enjoy The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (if you haven’t read it before). It’s darkly powerful, but more in the vein of George Eliot for it’s insights into the personal/political lives of an artistocratic Italian family during several revolutions.

  3. Wow – It was so great to come across your blog. Beautifully written and moreover – great design :-)

    In a strange way yet much funnier, I’ve just finished reading David Sedaris’s “Naked” and some images that went through my head reminded me of images i had while reading Jack Kerouac’s “On the road”.

  4. I own The Golden Notebook. I am a little intimidated by it, but I do really want to read it in the latter half of 2011. I have something against Eat Pray Love, but I know many really enjoyed it so I hope you will too.

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